Bootstrap style Blazor UI component library

Based on the Bootstrap style library, it is carefully built, and 90 a variety of commonly used components have been added to bring you an extraordinary feeling for rapid development projects
The |
native Blazor components library on the market


Rich Components

This set of components library contains more than 90 multiple components, from simple buttons to complex page-level components



Each control has been fine-tuned to optimize the refresh logic between parent and child components to avoid multiple loop updates


Easy to use

Easily grasp how to use components and quickly incorporate BootstrapBlazor controls into the project


Free and open source

Simple, direct, free to use, no dependent components, dependent on jQuery Bootstrap are all built-in


Demos and examples

Detailed documentation and online demonstration, simple function setting, direct copy code out of the box


Continually updated

Gitee platform hosting open source, never closed source, continuous update, timely response to questions and feedback
Ant Design (完善中)
Bluma (完善中)
LayUI (完善中)
Motronic (已集成)
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