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Enter characters with the mouse or keyboard

Provides basic text entry components


You can set the IsAutoFocus whether to automatically get focus, and the components that are last executed when multiple text boxes set auto-focus will get focus

Change the color of the text border by setting Color


Using OnEnterAsync OnEscAsync callback delegates to respond to the Enter ESC keystrokes

Basic usage
Press the keyboard Enter or Esc test

Execute @ref.SelectAllTextAsync() method select the all text

Basic usage

Displays the value of variables within the component

One-way binding

Binding variables within a component, data is automatically synchronized


when BootstrapInput components turn on bidirectional binding, the Display/DisplayName label value is automatically fetched based on the bound Model property value and appears as a pre-Label, by DisplayText Properties can customize the display of pre-labels, or turn off the display of pre-labels through the ShowLabel property

Custom labels

Set the DisplayText value to custom label


The value of DisplayText is displayed when ShowLabel is true, regardless of whether the value is set

Do not occupy seats

The value of DisplayText is not displayed when the ShowLabel is false

Check data validity and prompt automatically based on custom validation rules


By setting the property type value to password the password input box that is blocked by * after entering text


In order to support more text box properties this component can be written directly to type='email' type='number' type='phone' and so onhtml5 all property values supported by the new standard, the component does not set the type value using the default type='text'

BootstrapInput component bidirectional binding value is generic, in this case a two-way binding of an int type value

The binding value: 000

When you set the IsDisabled property value to true, the component suppresses input


When you set the FormatString property value to yyyy-MM-dd, the component displays a time format of the year and day

Set up FormatString
Set up Formatter

The BootstrapInput component binds byte[] array and formats it as an example of base64 encoded string

Set up Formatter

Use the BootstrapPassword component

Basic usage

Use IsTrim="true" to automatically trim white space when entering content


The front and back spaces in the component will be trimmed when set IsTrim to true

Basic usage



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Bootstrap Blazor Component library updated to 7.4.4-beta01

Bootstrap Blazor at present has more than 120 components. This component is based on Bootstrap Blazor An enterprise-level component library that provides several types of common components such as layout, navigation, form, data, notification, icon, voice, etc. Each component has been carefully designed with modularity, responsiveness and excellent performance. Starting from more practical scenarios, meeting the needs of various scenarios, greatly reducing the time cost of developers, greatly shortening the development cycle, greatly improving development efficiency, and providing a set of General Rights Management System Example project。Bootstrap Blazor Products are maintained by a professional full-time technical team, with efficient response speed, diversified solutions, long-term support, and enterprise-level support. At present, it has been used in many well-known state-owned enterprises, and the project is running stably with a maximum of 1200 people online. On the right is the QR code of the Chinese Blazor QQ community with the largest number of people in China, welcome to scan and join the group.

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