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Commonly used for large data sheet maintenance

Get data collection through OnQueryAsync callback


When using the List<TItem> generic collection as a data source, you need to follow the steps below to set

1. Set the data source
Set the Items property of the Table component or the OnQueryAsync callback delegate method

protected override void OnInitialized()

    Items = Foo.GenerateFoo(Localizer);

2. Handle the new logic
Set the OnAddAsync callback delegate function to handle the New logic

private Task<Foo> OnAddAsync()
    // The code here is sample code
    var foo = new Foo() { DateTime = DateTime.Now, Address = $"custom address {DateTime.Now.Second}" };
    Items.Insert(0, foo);

    // output log information
    Trace.Log($"Collection value change notification column: {Items.Count} - Type: Add");
    return Task.FromResult(foo);

3. Handle delete logic
Set the OnDeleteAsync callback delegate function to handle the delete logic

private Task<bool> OnDeleteAsync(IEnumerable<Foo> items)
    // The code here is sample code
    Items.RemoveAll(i => items.Contains(i));

    // output log information
    Trace.Log($"Collection value change notification column: {Items.Count} - Type: Delete");
    return Task.FromResult(true);

4. Handle the update logic
Set the OnSaveAsync callback delegate function to handle the cell update logic
After all cells in the component are edited and updated, the OnSaveAsync callback delegate will be automatically triggered, and the parameter is the current update model TItem

private Task<bool> OnDeleteAsync(Foo item, ItemChangedType changedType)
    // The code here is sample code
    Trace.Log($"Cell Change Notification Class: Foo - value: cell");
    return Task.FromResult(true);

Advanced usage

  • IsFixedHeader fixed header height is set to Height='500px'
  • Name is not editable display avatar

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