Project Template

Bootstrap Blazor App Template

In order to make it easier for everyone to use this set of components to quickly build projects, the author has made Project Templates, using dotnet new command line mode, using Proceed as follows:

1. Install the project template

dotnet new -i Bootstrap.Blazor.Templates::latest

2. Create project

dotnet new bbapp

After the project is created, the BootstrapBlazorApp solution will be generated in the current folder, and the src directory contains Server-Side Wasm Both types of projects can be run directly with F5

3. Update project template

dotnet new --update-apply

The dotnet new --update-apply option checks if there are updates available for the template packages that are currently installed and installs them.

3. Uninstall project template

dotnet new -u Bootstrap.Blazor.Templates

Bootstrap Blazor App Extension

In order to facilitate the use of the Bootstrap Blazor component library, the author has created the Project Template (Bootstrap Blazor Project Template) extension plug-in, which can be installed through Visual Studio 2022 IDE When creating a new project, select the Bootstrap Blazor project template, and the solution is built in two types: Server-Side and wasm project

1. 下载项目模板

可以通过 Visual Studio 2022 内置插件扩展 或者 微软插件扩展市场 [传送门] 直接下载; 国内访问微软插件市场速度比较慢,可以访问码云连接 [传送门]

2. 安装项目模板

3. 创建项目

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Bootstrap Blazor 组件库 更新到 6.6.0

首先感谢您对本套组件的关注,本目前本套组件已经拥有超过 120 个组件,本组件是基于 Bootstrap 风格的 Blazor 企业级组件库,提供如布局、导航、表单、数据、通知、图标、语音等几大类通用组件,每一个组件都经过静心设计,具有模块化、响应式和优秀的性能。从更多实际场景出发,满足多种场景的需求,极大的减少开发者时间成本,大大缩短开发周期,大幅提高开发效率,并提供了一套 通用权限管理系统 示例工程。Bootstrap Blazor 产品是由一支专业的全职技术团队进行维护,高效的响应速度,多元化的解决方案,长期提供支持,并提供企业级支持。目前已在多家知名国企内部使用,项目最高在线 1200 人稳定运行。右侧为国内人数最多的中文 Blazor QQ 社区二维码,欢迎扫描加群。

组件更新到 6.6.0 更新日志 [传送门] 如果组件给您带来了方便,请您帮忙给项目点亮 Star github gitee

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