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Toast Lightweight Popup

Provides a lightweight toast popup

Component usage introduction:

1. Inject service ToastService

@inject ToastService ToastService
private ToastService? ToastService { get; set; }

2. Call its instance api

await ToastService.Success("Title", "Content", autoHide: true);

When the user operates, the lower right corner will give appropriate prompt information


It will not close automatically, you need to manually click the close button


Set ShowHeader="false" remove Header


set HeaderTemplate custom the header content


Provides settings where the Toast popup appears


Set the location where the popup appears by setting the Placement value of the Toast component. The default value is BottomEnd. upper right corner

pay attention

This component provides functions in the form of injection services, and the user experience is very comfortable when used, and can be called anytime, anywhere
The injection service provides the following shortcut invocation methods:

  • Success()
  • Error()
  • Information()
  • Warning()

Examples are as follows:

ToastService?.Success("Successfully saved", "Save data successfully, automatically close after 4 seconds");
private void OnInfoClick()
    ToastService.Show(new ToastOption()
        // Notification category
        Category = ToastCategory.Information,

        // Notification box Title value
        Title = "notification",

        // Notification body content
        Content = "The system adds new components, it will automatically shut down after 4 seconds"

Configured through the configuration file appsetting.json file, suitable for Server-Side App

"BootstrapBlazorOptions": {
    "ToastDelay": 4000,
    "MessageDelay": 4000,
    "SwalDelay": 4000

Configured via the ConfigureServices method in the Startup file for Server-Side App and WebAssembly App

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // Uniformly set the automatic disappearance time of the Toast component
    services.Configure<BootstrapBlazorOptions>(options =>
        options.ToastDelay = 4000;
Or, for Server-Side App only
public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // Add BootstrapBlazor component
    services.AddBootstrapBlazor(options =>
        // Uniformly set the automatic disappearance time of the Toast component
        options.ToastDelay = 4000;



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